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Since it's inception in 1991, Computer Doctor has fixed an estimated 800 laptops and desktop computers a year. That's over 20,000 computers in all! 

We keep the client involved during the whole repair process from diagnostic to exit with regular status updates. We always leave the decision to repair in your hands and will never do anything that you do not authorize. We care about client data and take precautionary backups where we feel it is appropiate too and follow a strict set of procedures to ensure that your devices leave in better condition than you left them.

You do not need an appointment, just walk in in! For Laptops we need the laptop and it's power adapter (we only have so many spares!), and for most desktops we just need the tower. Clients whose desktops have a round or external power brick should bring in their adapters.


Services Provided

  • Malware Removal

  • Screen Replacements

  • Backups of Data

  • Overheating

  • No Internet 

  • System Won't Boot

  • Operating System Repair

  • Password Removal

  • Broken Touchpad

  • Broken Keyboard

  • Cyber Security

  • RAM Upgrades

  • Storage Upgrades

  • Solid State Drives

  • Residential Consultation

  • Wireless Networks

  • IP Security Systems

  • Assisted Email Recovery or Migration 

  • Personalized Training

But what does this all cost?

If you ever meet a tech that will do any repair at a flat rate without doing a diagnostic first: run away immediately. We can't give costs estimates until we have done our diagnostics because all cases are unique and no repair is one size fits all.

The Diagnostic Deposit is $50, and that's applied to your total repair cost, so don't worry about losing it.

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